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Chicken Tenders, the most basic of foods, yet somehow restaurants manage to screw it up.

This is going to be an honest review of chicken tenders and nuggets from a wide variety of places, ranging from classic American diner to seafood restaurant. Everyone has them, and I've probably ordered them. Yea, I'm that guy that orders from the kids menu...

Rules, Standards, and Judgement Guidelines:

The following reviews are based on the following criteria:

  • Flavor: Was it good, bad? Rich, garbage?
  • Size: Were they small? large? adverage?
  • Breading: Was it like eating sandpaper? Or was it too wet and fell right off?
  • Individuality: What makes them different compared to everyone else? (Optional)
  • ⭐: Means that this area is ideal, or meets expectations.

Just a reminder, these reviews are my own, and solely my own. I have not been influenced by any of the restaurants / brands reviewed.

Please do not contact me regarding the review of your product, this website was built as a joke in reference to the fact that one of the only things I eat at restaurants is often off the kids menu.


Reviews are sorted Best to Worst (Top to Bottom)

All Chicken Was Eaten Without Sauce, Or Ketchup. (As-Served)

Frozen / Store Bought:
Logo | Brand: Flavor: Size: Breading: Individuality:
| Kirkwood Honey Battered Chicken Breast Tenders Good Small, Fingerfood Thin, Good Taste Honey-Sweet Taste
| Tyson Honey Battered Chicken Breast Tenders Good Small, Fingerfood Thin, Good Taste (Literally Copies Aldi) Honey-Sweet Taste
| Kirkwood Popcorn Chicken Good Small, Fingerfood Good Rich Thick Taste
| Kirkwood Chicken Fries Good Small, But Fingerfood Light, But Good OK Seasoning, Easy To Make
| Any'tizers Chicken Fries Good, Not Terrible Small, Fingerfood Light, But Good Good Seasoning, Easy To Make
| Any'tizers Chicken Bites Good, Lacking Depth. Small, Fingerfood Dry, Crunchy Plain-Jain
| Dino Fun Nuggets Good Small, Fingerfood Good, Semi-Thick Sweetened, Semi-Crunchy
| Crispy Chicken Strips Good ⭐ The Perfect Size Good, Acceptable Plain-Jain
| Chicken Nuggets OK, Lacking Small, Fingerfood Light, Falls Off Plain-Jain
Fast Food:
Logo | Restaurant: Flavor: Size: Breading: Individuality:
| Chick-fil-A Rich, Marinated Varies, Acceptable Light, But Rich ⭐ Very Good Marinade
| Culvers Sweet, Battered ⭐ The Perfect Size Thick and Rich Very Thick Batter, Very Rich Taste
| Raising Canes Rich, Marinated Shrinking, Marginal Light, Thin, Falls Off Good Marinade, Sometimes Dry
| Gus's Pickle-y, Marinated Large, Quantity Light, Juicy Good Marinade, Very Rich
| Lee's Crunchy, Marinated Midsize, Fair Quantity Light Breading Good Marinade, Unique
| Freddy's Marinated Good Crunchy, Easy To Chew Seasoning Intensifies Flavor
| Shake Shack Marinated, Sweet Good Slight crunch, Easy to Chew Slight Marinate With a Slight Crunch Combination
| Churchs Rich Marinated Good Crunchy, Sweet Good Batter Consistency
| Steak n' Shake Classic American Good Adverage Tastes good, has never changed
| Dairy Queen Plain Good Adverage Thickness, Baked Plain, A Good Middle-Ground
| Wendy's Good, Marinated Small, Nuggets Good Seasoning, Semi-Crunchy
| Jack in the Box Good Mid Good, Thin Spicy-Marinade Taste
| Burger King Good Small, Nuggets Good, Thin Seasoning
| McDonalds OK, Plain Small, Nuggets Thin, Occasionally Missing Plain-Jain, OK In a Pinch
| Sonic Undercooked, Soggy Good Good, On Par With Dairy Queen Undercooked, literally gave me food poisoning.
Logo | Restaurant: Flavor: Size: Breading: Individuality:
| Texas Roadhouse Rich, Marinated ⭐ Medium, But Large Quantity Rich, Battered Very Rich Taste, Good Batter
| Red Robin Marinated, Baked Good Heavily Battered, Crunchy Good Batter, Light Marinade
| Twisted Biscuit Marinated, Fried Great (Large) Crunchy, Sweet Very Large Tenders, Well Cooked, Sweet Marinade
| Sugarfire Marinated, Fried Chicken Patty Crunchy, Sweet Chicken Sandwich, Exceeds Expectations
| Llywelyn's Pub Marinated, Baked Adverage Crunchy, Semi-Sweet Good For Pub Food, Otherwise Adverage
| Portillos Baked Adverage Crunchy, Small Twang Better than adverage
| Applebees Marinated, Baked Adverage Crunchy Occasionally Small, or Overcooked
| Bandana's BBQ Sweet Adverage Baked, Marinated Stringy, Sweet and Crunchy
| Mercy N. Cafeteria Baked Above Adverage Baked Shockingly well priced and good tasting!
| Hard Rock Cafe Baked Adverage Crunchy Basic, Good
| LongHorn Steakhouse Baked, OK Adverage Crunchy Basic, Good
| Red Lobster Baked, OK Adverage Baked, Battered Basic, OK Batter
| Red Bar - Hyatt O'Hare Baked, OK Below Adverage Baked Basic, they'll do
| IKEA (Dining) Baked, OK Adverage Baked, Battered Basic, But Good for Sweedish Chicken Tenders
| Sushi-Ai (Japanese Restaurant) Yakitori Skewered You get rice These Are Not Chicken Nuggets, or Tenders
| Kyoto (Japanese Steakhouse) Fried, Light Sauce Finely Chopped You get rice These Are Not Chicken Nuggets, or Tenders
| Wings and Rings Baked Adverage Crunchy Disappointingly Tough, Overcooked
| Denny's Tough, Well Cooked Adverage Fried, Plain, Thin Batter OK, Very Oily, Tollerable

That's it for now, I'll be updating this if I have any additional restaurants I visit and would like to add.

(Updated 03-19-24)

About This Project:

This project is entirely open-source! And available on Github! I'm sure someone will want to do this with french fries or bread or something.